If you are already a businesim card holder and you wish to add airtime or send free sms, please first register to our website or log in if you are already a member.

businesim Starter Kit
businesim Sim card (including 12 Euro airtime) + Scratch card (20 Euro airtime) - Euro 50

businesim super data Starter Kit
businesim super data sim card (including 7 Euro airtime) - Euro 16.20

Important notes for purchasing businesim :
  • Companies within or out of EU are not subject to VAT provided that are VAT applicable and any other proof which demonstrates that the companies are taxable entities. Upon payment is concluded companies must send scanned copy (send to: of one latest billing invoice (water, electricity or telcon or other invoice) proving the status of the company.
  • Kindly insert full company details, including the VIES or VAT numbers, to avoid VAT fees. After registering your self when log in, please choose the NON VAT applicable member option.
  • On registration Companies are obliged to declare their VAT or VIES numbers.
  • In case you are initially registered as individual and wish to re-register as company kindly inform us in writing by email in order to proceed for necessary steps.
  • All Individuals within EU are subject to 20 % VAT invoicing..
  • VAT rate 20 %, wherever applicable will be discounted from the airtime.
  • For individuals, the applicable VAT 20 % will be included in the total invoiced price. VAT of 20 % will be deducted from the free airtime of businesim card airtime.
  • Individuals out of EU are not subject for VAT provided that will send (send to : passport copy, and residence address.
  • In case you pay by credit/debit cards you will be invoiced and charged in BGN (Bulgarian currency) equal to your Euro total invoiced amount at the fix banking rate between Euro and BGN at 1.95583. (1 Euro = 1.95583 BGN). for example the cost of the starter kit is Euro57.50 i.e. BGN 112.46
  • In case you pay by wire transfer you will be charged in Euro.
  • In both ways of payment, your invoice will show the value of the invoiced amount in both currencies (Euro and BGN equivalent).
  • You can purchase max 10 "starter kits" each time. For additional starter kits, kindly apply with a new order.

    The following steps you will be requested to follow after you complete the purchase order on Buy businesim page:

  • Step 1. In case you have purchased as company (i.e. you are not obliged to pay VAT) you must send us a scanned billing note as soon as possible (same day or next day of payment) in order us to proceed for the next step and send you your ordered envelop of starter kit.
  • Step 2. you will be receiving the "star kit" envelop (within 7-10 days time).
  • Step 3. Upon receiving the "stater kit" envelop, you will need to register yourself having placed the businesim card in your mobile. Please enter our web page and press the register button on top left side of the page.
  • Step 4. Kindly choose one of the two options (Vat or Non Vat member), based on the initially declared information during the purchase. During your registration you must have the mobile telephone next to you as you will be receiving a verification code by sms, which you will be requested to enter during registration. Later on you will receive also an email, to which you will need to reply. In order to be able reply to the email message, though your phone, you must in prior apply the phone settings enabling you to receive emails/data. To this respect kindly enter our "phone settings" page choosing the type of phone you are using in order to see the settings you will need to do for the phone type you have.
  • Step 5. Upon completion of your registration, you are ready to login to the created page for your personal use only, whereby you will be able to :

    - add airtime
    - put all necessary auto top up setting
    - see all the details of your used phone calls and data.
    - in case you are administrator for more than one businesim cards, to see all details of all the businesim cards under your administration.