This feature is part of businesim Voicemail and allows to receive faxes to businesim number. Thus, you can choose between receiving voice messages (current version) or receiving faxes.


In case you receive faxes while traveling on regular basis, we suggest you to purchase a second line, by which you will be able receiving the faxes as email to your mobile phone, with the same businesim card, without a need to reject a call, turn off your mobile or out of coverage. The second number for fax use is provided at the price of regular businesim card.



The feature Fax to businesim is offered to you free of charge.

If you want to activate Fax to businesim, please request activation by sending email to and indicate:
businesim number,
• email to which the faxes should be forwarded.

How it works
When Fax to businesim is activated, receiving of a fax is initiated in the same way as voicemail:
• if businesim is out of coverage or turned off,
• if subscriber rejects the call,

When businesim receives a new fax, the email with attachment of in .tiff format is sent automatically.
If fax consists of several pages, you will receive several emails.