For customer care for all over the world, 08:00-24:00 GREEK/BULGARIAN time daily, 16/7/365 please call, free of charge for the first 3 minutes:

Tel: +372-54-677-770
Or send us a fax to: +372-59-294077
Or send us an email to: /


We are happy to announce two new voice packages.

Package FreeTalk World 30 minutes per day for calls from a list of 124 countries to Greece.
Package FreeTalk Europe 30 minutes per day for calls between 37 European countries (Europe and more).

Activation fee
FreeTalk World
3.50 Euro

FreeTalk Europe
2.50 Euro

Activation of the package FreeTalk World
To activate the package dial: *146*931*3#
To deactivate the package (no refund) dial: *146*930*3#
To check the status dial: *146*932*3#

Activation of the Package FreeTalk Europe
To activate the package dial: *146*931*4#
To deactivate the package dial (no refund): *146*930*4#
To check the status dial: *146*932*4#

You can view the list of countries bellow:
Freetalk World
Country list click here

Freetalk Europe
Country list click here

Please pay attention to the following:
You cannot order simultaneously more than one package.
It is possible to order more than one package per day (provided that the previous package is finished).
If one of the voice packages is purchased, all other discount packages are automatically deactivated.
Calls to Support numbers are included in the packages.
Calls from businesim to businesim and Voicemail are not included in the package FreeTalk World.
If 30 minutes within the day are not used, the remaining amount will be lost.
Only for businesim Classic sim cards.


For heave data users read more here

  Discounted GPRS/3G packages

We are pleased to inform you that businesim provides new GPRS/3G packages.

For more detailed info for businesim classic sim packages please click here
For more detailed info for businesim super data sim packages please click here


Businesim users can purchase e-pins which are pins with codes, at €20 each which. These pins can be used anytime and load amounts to the businesim number when the code inserted to the phone. This feature and service is widely used by shipping companies. Kindly contact us for further details.


We would like to introduce a new service called Machine 2 Machine (M2M).

At a glance, M2M cоmmunicаtiоns аrе mаdе pоssiblе by а dеvicе (such аs аsеnsоr, for example) thаt is аttаchеd tо а mаchinе tо obtain аn еvеnt thаtis rеlаyеd оvеr а nеtwоrk sending dаtа tо аpplicаtiоns. Thеse sеnsоrs includеа Sim cаrd thаt is аblе tо rеcеivе аnd trаnsmit thе еvеnt dаtа wirеlеsslytо а cеntrаl sеrvеr.

businesim would like to bring this service to you and we hope that it will serve
your best interests and help your clients. Therefore we have created two service
packages that will address your client’s needs.

Whо is it fоr?
• Cоuriеr аnd dеlivеry cоmpаniеs
• Pаssеngеr аnd cаrgо trаnspоrt
• Cаr rеntаl аgеnciеs
• аny typе оf sеrvicе thаt rеquirеs mоnitоring аnd rеpоrting withоut invоlvеmеnt оf pеrsоnnеl

M2M Packages are available in the following countries

M2M Package 1
Period : 30 days
Package size (MB) : 10
Unit charge increment : 1kb
Activation fee : 2.99€

M2M Package 2
Period : 30 days
Package size (MB) : 30
Unit charge increment : 1kb
Activation fee : 5.99€

Albania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Latvia, Romania,
Azerbaijan, France, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Malta, San Marino,
Belgium, Great Britain, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Slovakia,
Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ireland Norway, Spain,
Denmark, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine
Please note that this service is only available on our businesim sim cards

How does it work
Please note that for M2M service there will be a special service id created just for the purpose of M2M. It will be separated form the rest of your sim cards and you will be able to have your own rules on that service id. Data packets and M2M packets will not be crossing each other and will be kept separately in different service ids.
Possible situations
Client ordered 10Mb data pack for 30 days and somehow used it up in 10 days. In this case user will be automatically switched over to “per megabyte” rate option and service will continue without interruption. In order to prevent that from happening we suggest to leave on M2M sim cards only a small amount of funds, enough to order a Data packet but not enough to continue on per megabyte option, like less than 1 dollar, for example. After 30 days the packet will renew itself automatically (if the device in which sim card is inserted is up and running), taking into consideration that there will be enough money to order it. You can always use special function of setting up a separate airtime limit on each sim card.
Customer did not use up all the MB in 30 days.
Customer will have this packet be automatically renewed after 30 day period is over. In addition, next time client will only be billed when there is Data session activity on the sim card. When the cargo truck, for example, is idle and not traveling and 30 day period is over, renewal charges will not apply. Therefore payment will be deducted only during next actual usage.

How to enable it In order to enable the package please contact the customer care (free for the first 3 minutes).

  Skype to businesim

businesim and Skype have jointed forces establishing a unique partnership in order to provide free calls from Skype to businesim.

There are two ways to activate this facility:

1) from your phone (when businesim card is in).
To activate dial: *146*711#and press call button
To deactivate dial: *146*710# and press call button
To check the status dial: *146*712# and press call button


2) Call or send email to businesim customer care.

When the feature is activated, Skype users can call businesim numbers for free using special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a number.
The cost of incoming Skype call for businesim user is incoming call rate in the host country plus 0.15 EUR per minute (wherever free incoming call policy applies). In case businesim user is in non free incoming calls country, additional charges will apply according to businesim incoming calls rate catalog.
Incoming Skype calls 0.15€ E.g. To call +37253204388 for free from Skype, you should dial +37280053204388. For Skype user the call is free. If the businesim user is in Italy (free incoming calls) and accepts Skype call, he pays just 0.15 EUR per minute.

  Call forward

When back to your home country or even between your trips, you can forward/divert the incoming calls to businesim number, to any international or home country number!
There is no additional cost for call forward/divert to numbers of over 120 countries: call forward/divert is FREE OF CHARGE (wherever free incoming call policy applies).

All incoming calls will be diverted to the specified number.

To activate call forward/divert
• with businesim in your handset, dial *146*081*00-country code-phone number# and press the call button e.g. *146*081*0044123456789# and press the call button.
• you can now leave your phone ON or switch it OFF.

To disable call forward/divert
• having businesim in your handset, dial *146*080# and press call button.

Note: When the call forward option is activated:
A) You can still make phone calls, towards any destination, at the calling rates (visit our catalog) applying at your current location.
B) You can still make phone calls towards any destination even if your data roaming feature in your mobile settings is OFF.

  Manual Top-up with airtime of your businesim card.

There are three ways of manual top up air time : A/normal airtime, B/ e-pin, C/Scratch card

A) Add airtime to your by buying a scratch card of € 20. Order it from our website. Scratch the hidden surface on the back of card and follow card’s         top-up instructions.

Β) Add airtime through our website by purchasing e-pin at using your credit card or Paypal account or wire transfer. Please     register free of charge to our website and complete all the steps needed for your verification (This is necessary for your transactions safety) before        leaving for a trip.

Note: Purchase e-pin or order scratch card though internet and use it only whenever you feel it is necessary.

There are two advantages of purchasing e-pin:
a) You can use the airtime at any time whenever you wish, as it will be added (immediately and ready to be used) in the businesim card only whenever      you insert the pin to the holder mobile phone.
b) This e-pin can be used by other businesim card holders. I.e. you can grant this airtime to another businesim holder (colleagues, family, employees).

How to use your mobile phone to top up the airtime of the purchased scratch card/e-pin.

There are 3 ways to top up with e-pin/scratch cards depending on the handset you use.
1) Enter: 098 followed by the e-pin/scratch code and press the call button. In a few seconds you will receive a top up confirmation sms.
2) Search for menu. This is a new menu in your handset created by the businesim card. Enter the submenu “add credit”, enter the e-pin/scratch code      and press ok. In a few seconds you will receive a top up confirmation sms.
3) Enter: *146*098 e-pin/scratch code # and press the call button. In a few seconds you will receive a top up confirmation sms.

Note: The airtime is both for voice and data usage of your phone.

C) Purchase Normal airtime

Add airtime through our website by purchasing it at using your credit card or Paypal account, or wire transfer. Please register to our website and complete all the steps needed for your verification (This is necessary for your transactions safety) before leaving for a trip.
1. The airtime is both for voice and data usage of your phone.
2. The difference between adding normal air time and e-pin is that while normal adding airtime is for immediate use and for concrete number holder,      the e-pin air time can be used at any moment you feel necessary and by any businesim card holder who inserts this pin to his mobile. In both cases      when airtime is loaded, is for immediate use.

Multiple top up with airtime :
This facility is ideal for companies willing to provide businesim card to their employees who travel but wish to control at the same time their communication costs keeping them low. It is an easy process to use top up at once for all the businesim card holders.

Benefits of using this facility are multiple and are the following:
1) You can assign one or more (manager, accountant) administrator(s) who will have access to all the businesim card holders of the company.
2) The administrator who is handling the communication costs of the employees, can check the already spent talking time/data time/amount of each      employee on real time through businesim site by logging to his (administrative) account.
3) The administrator can load airtime to one or more employees of same or different time/amount anytime if needed.
4) The administrator can pre-set the same or different maximum limit(s) on communication time/amount paid by the company to each one of the      businesim card holder.
5) The administrator can have, at any time by entering businesim site, information of the calling destinations and talking time/data of each card holder.
Note: The airtime is both for voice and data usage of your phone.

For heavy users we suggest auto top-up.

  Auto top up

This is the best and unique way, for individuals and for the companies whose employees are frequent travelers, not to be concerned about the limit of their talking/data time, when using their businesim card and airtime while traveling.

The main advantage of this feature is that apply for multiple users of businesim cards in a company. The system is 1) toping up only the cards which reached the minimum value (priory indicated) and 2) the airtime is distributed and directed to the heavy users who need more time according to their use. So each user within the group is toped up only when reaches the min. amount that the administrator have indicated.
The administrator of the company, with an AUTOMATIC TOP-UP FIXED ORDER can define :

   -The minimum balance for businesim holder, which when reached, automatically tops up airtime
   -The top up amount specified in prior.
   -The monthly max. limit of top up for each user.
   -The total (WALET) amount to be credited (which will be available to be used from all the businesim holders of the group).

Once this application is set up, you do not have to do anything your self anymore. businesim is doing it for you.
Each time your balance gets under this value the procedure of adding airtime to your number will be automatically completed by our system. The airtime will be available without interruptions of your communication. When your WALET use the last auto top up you will be notified in order to credit your WALET.

Note: The air time is both for voice and data usage of your phone.

  GPRS/3G-DATA services

Today the whole world is connected through internet. Having LOW COST internet access while abroad is IMPERATIVE, in order to use it without thinking about the cost. Place the businesim card in your notebook and get connected to the internet or send and receive e-mails anywhere in the world INEXPENSIVELY.

Automatic Settings
For all mobile phones more..
Manual Settings
businesim GPRS internet connection setup for Apple OS X 10.6 more..
businesim GPRS internet connection setup for Iphone more..
businesim GPRS internet connection setup for Blackberry more..
businesim GPRS internet connection setup for Personal Computers more..

A) You can still make phone calls towards any destination even if your data roaming feature in your mobile settings is OFF.
B) When your mobile phone is switched on, and the data roaming settings of your mobile phone are ON, you will continue to be charged for data receiving (wherever you are). To avoid charges by receiving data, you must switch your mobile off, or set your data roaming settings OFF.


Using your businesim you can send cheap SMS and receive SMS for free from over 140 countries. By using businesim our website you can send SMS for free as well.

  Discount SMS

When discount sms activated, this feature provides a discount rate for classic SMS messages sent from countries listed below to a number in any country in the world.

Activation code valid for 100 days: 2
Activation fee: 0.99€
Discount SMS price:
Turkey : 0.19€
Egypt : 0.19€
Russia : 0.10€
Europe : 0.06€
China : 0.10€
Thailand : 0.19€
Ukraine : 0.19€
Validity period: 100 Days

In "Europe" discount sms rates are valid in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Island, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

This feature can be activated as follows :
To activate discount SMS, dial: *146*941* 2 # and press the call button.
If successfully activated, the following message will appear: "Discount SMS price in Country activated"
To check the remaining days is left, dial: *146*942* 2 # and press the call button.
The, following message will appear: "Discount SMS in Country active for % day(s) more." where "%" = number of days before the end of the period.
To deactivate,dial: *146*940* 2 # and press the call button.

NB! If the feature is deactivated, the cost of activation will not be returned to the user! The following message will appear: "Discount SMS price in Country deactivated".
After the 100 days this future is automatically deactivated.

Also Discount SMS Package for Europe
When activated, this new feature provides 100 free classic SMS messages sent from Europe to any number in any country of the world. SMS package will be effective for 30 calendar days after the activation took place. Package activation code is «1».
Package Cost Euro
businesim classic sim : 4,50€
businesim super data sim : 5,04€

Package Cost USD
businesim classic sim : 6,30$
businesim super data sim : 6,75$

New SMS packages are available in following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vatican city.

To activate 100 free classic SMS package user must dial: *146*921*1#
If successfully activated, screen will show the following message: "SMS package in Europe activated"

To check how many days and SMS messages are left, user must dial *146*922*1#
Screen will show the following message: "SMS package active for X day(s) more, You have already used X of XX free SMS"

We also have developed a deactivation code: *146*920*1#
NB! If the feature is deactivated, the cost of activation will not be returned to the user! Screen will show the following message: "SMS package in Europe deactivated"

You can view normal rates here.

  Fax to businesim

This feature is part of businesim Voicemail and allows to receive faxes to businesim number. Thus, you can choose between receiving voice messages (current version) or receiving faxes.
The feature Fax to businesim is offered to you free of charge.
If you want to activate Fax to businesim , please send a request to your order email and indicate:
businesim number,
• email to which the faxes should be forwarded.

How it works
When Fax to businesim is activated, receiving of a fax is initiated in the same way as voicemail:
• if businesim is out of coverage or turned off,
• if you reject the call,

When businesim receives a new fax, the email with attachment of in .tiff format is sent automatically.
If fax consists of several pages, you will receive several emails.


businesim voicemail is a strong answering tool that responds to incoming calls when you are unable, out of range or do not wish to answer.

Voicemail features:
1. Record businesim messages. 2. Listen businesim messages.
3. Administer Voicemail (changing user name and greetings).

NB! Before using Voicemail, you may need to setup your mobile phone to the tone dialing mode.
Check the manual of your phone for details before working with your voicemail:
1. Make sure you have the businesim card inserted in to your mobile phone.
2. Turn on the phone.
3. Make sure the network coverage is available. For additional information please download the Voicemail manual here

  Scratch card

Buy (SCRATCHCARD) of 20€. Scratch the hidden surface on the back of the card and follow card’s top-up instructions from our businesim website .

There are 3 alternative ways to top up with scratch cards depending on businesim the handset you use:
1) Dial: 098 followed by the scratch code and press the call button. In a few seconds you will receive a top up confirmation sms.
2) Search for businesim menu. This is a new menu in your handset created by the businesim card, enter the submenu “add credit”, dial the scratch code      and press ok. In a few seconds you will receive a top up confirmation sms.
3) Dial: *146*098 scratch code # press the call button. In a few seconds you will receive a top up confirmation sms.

  Mobile miles

Every single minute you talk via businesim card you earn one mile with popular airlines.
Earn miles with businesim international SIM card in favorite loyalty program.

Get even more benefits from your businesim and start earning air miles or hotel points in your preferred loyalty program simply by keeping in touch. All you need to do is register your businesim once and use it each time you travel abroad.
For more information on how to register and for the list of available airline and hotel partners at MobileMiles, please visit

Here is what you get
• Wide choice of over 25 leading airlines and hotels
• 1 mile or point per each minute of an outgoing call
• 1 mile or point per each minute of an incoming call
• And 100 miles or points simply for signing up (after activating your businesim card)!
Hint: how to earn more miles

Register up to three additional phone numbers (for example, of your friends or family members) to earn even more awards!
Please note that these phone numbers should belong to +372 International businesim card.
Log in to add more numbers. Earned air miles or hotel points will be credited directly to your Loyalty Program account 30 days after the month in which your calls were made.
Rewards will be credited under the name of ''Travelling Connect''. New: overview of earned miles online.

You can now see the overview of miles or points earned with MobileMiles during the last 24 months!Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Thai, TAP, Delta, Skymiles, Garida Indonesia, Malaysia airlines, Etihad airlines, Air India, American airlines, Mileageplus United, UIA, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, Baltic Miles, Meridian (Aerosvit Ukranian airlines), Marriot awards, Oasis club (Kuwait airways), Kingfisher Airlines, Singapore airlines (krisfisher), Royal Skies, HHonors (Hilton worldwide), Piority club awards etc

  Comfort (Hide) Callback

Comfort (Hide )Callback is an application designed to hide the callback process for card in Android/Iphone/Windows operated handsets. Forget that callback exists!Make the outgoing calls conveniently using businesim the built-in dialer!Dial numbers from your contact list just in a few touches!
Download for Android (download from mobile device)
Download for IPhone (download from mobile device)
Download for WindowsMobile OS

  Corporate Account

businesim offers a unique solution for various market segments. Our "Corporate Account" feature is created especially for the companies that have more than one employee who make calls during business trips.

The corporate account provides companies with the ability to create PRE-SET LIMITS on how much both the company as a whole and individual employees can spend on international mobile calls/data. Unlike standard mobile communication companies which send invoices only AFTER all calls were made, businesim corporate account feature ALLOWS the company managers to know exactly how much is spent on communication in real time.

  Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant - your reliable partner. Any time, in any situation, anywhere in the world. 24/7/365 help is just a phone call away. +372992 (RUS) +372991 (ENG)
"Personal Assistant" is available all your users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide and it includes the following services:

• Concierge services,
• Business services,
• Medical services and assistance in emergency situations,
• Trip information about countries,
• Visas,
• Vaccination,
• Safety,
• Roadside assistance
• Hotels, transport reservation of a hotel, comprehensive information on hotels in the required region. Upon client's request will book the selected      accommodation and if required will organize payment on behalf of a client.
• Flight or train ticket, renting a car,
• Information about any sports or cultural events,
• Book/pay tickets, booking a table in a restaurant and pay, calling taxi,
• Will assist in organizing business meetings, conference calls, translation of documents, rent of office equipment, providing information about      currencies rates and stock market indices, etc.
• Will obtain emergency and routine medical advice, medical and dental referrals, help with lost baggage, tickets or passport, problems at check•in,      rebooking tickets, etc.
• Can arrange arrival of a doctor or an ambulance
• Will help in situations requiring language support (look at 24. interpretation service) or legal aid and in situations of force majeure.
• Concierge & lifestyle services
• As well as interpretation services in more than 90 languages.
• Will provide comprehensive information about the required organizations and companies worldwide (name, address, phone number, operation hours,      fares, any other information).
• Advice and assistance with lost documents by undertaking to assist clients who have lost travel documents (including passports, credit cards) by      providing recommendations for their replacement.
• Advice on necessary actions in case of insurance claims
• You don't have to activate anything as it is already available for you at the touch of a few buttons! The service is provided in English (number +372991      can be dialed only using businesim card).

This service is a paid one. Upon dialing the service number you will have a charge of €15. This amount covers a 6-month use of the service. Meaning, after €15 deduction from SIM balance a subscriber has the opportunity to use "Personal Assistant" services for 6 months without any restrictions. Each call will be charged in accordance with the price of outgoing calls in the host country. Please note that if you do not have enough balance on the SIM, you will not be able to renew or use the service until your account is topped up for the necessary subscription amount.
For the convenient payment for necessary services by credit card "Personal Assistant" provides voice authorization, so the client gives the necessary data (name, credit card number, CVV, expiration date) over the phone. This process is secure since the data is undocumented and immediately entered into the booking system or in the authorization form of the service provider and the transaction is processed instantaneously.

About the company
25 years of experience in medical assistance and
28 alarm centers worldwide staffed by doctors and nurses, multilingual coordinators, security experts, and air and ground logistics personnel.
31 clinics around the world
More than 8,000 employees including 1,900 medical professionals
Over 65,000 accredited network providers globally
Services delivered in over 70 languages
Provision solutions to 87% of the Fortune Global 100 Companies.

Interpretation service
To use the interpretation service you need to dial "Personal Assistant" number +372991 (ENG) or +372992 (RUS), wait for the callback of the operator and ask for interpreter service. “Personal Assistant” will ask few questions:

Language / languages spoken by the caller
Language / languages spoken by person whose speech is should be translated
The name and the phone number of the caller
The name and if necessary the phone number of a person whose speech should be translated.

Then Personal Assistant will arrange a conference call and interpretation.

Information on vaccinations
Vaccinations required or recommended before going to the specific areas/countries. The consultation is provided by medical officer.

Visa Information
Requirements for obtaining a visa for the specified country. Instructions for obtaining a visa. Addresses and phone numbers of consulates, embassies and visa centers, as well as business intermediaries, providing the full range of services in the shortest possible time and under non-standard circumstances.

Information on countries / regions
Description of the features of a given country / region, for example, culture, level of medical care, security and precautionary measures, public transport, etc.

Recommendations to ensure personal safety
Security measures recommended by the government and other aspects of personal safety.

"Personal Assistant" will perform any minor task, whether sending fax or message, notification, and other assignments. "Personal Assistant" can also wake you up at the specified time by calling the specified number.

Solving problems in typical situations:
Problems at check-in; Client needs to rebook or cancel a ticket or modify reservation at the hotel; Client’s flight is cancelled or delayed; Client is about to miss a flight or is late for the flight or train departure; Client asks for background information; Client has lost the baggage; In case of violation of consumer rights by selling goods or provision services of inadequate quality in the field of travel transportation and accommodation (flights, traveling by train, hotels).

Roadside assistance
"Personal Assistant" is ready to assist clients in all aspects relating to his movements on passenger transport, whether delivery of gasoline, if it is over, help with finding the need for expensive destinations and other instructions.

"Personal Assistant" will provide information about date, time and place of sports or cultural events in the required region, as well as information about price and availability of tickets and address/phone of ticket office. Upon client's request "Personal Assistant" will book and arrange payment on behalf of a client and upon request will arrange delivery of selected tickets.

Information about places of recreation and leisure
"Personal Assistant" provides information about sports clubs, beauty salons, golf clubs, tourist excursions in the required region, as well as prices, terms, date, time and venue. Upon client's request "Personal Assistant" can organize visits to the
In case of claim the help is provided exclusively in terms of assistance: "Personal Assistant" will contact the service provider, ask to comment the situation, will insist on finding best solution and simultaneously will seek alternative solutions for the client, chosing location, book excursions etc.

Information about goods and services/ booking, payment and delivery of the goods, assistance in organizing services
Personal Assistant will provide customer address of necessary salons and shops where client can buy the required goods or services, if it is possible Personal Assistant will arrange the order and delivery of the goods on behalf of a client to the requred location.

Taxi and transfers
"Personal assistant" will call a taxi for the Client anywhere at any time.

Information about translation of documents
"Personal Assistant" will provide information on the translation bureaus, will organize translation of documents for the Client, will help to find an interpreter.

Referral for medical and dental care
"Personal Assistant" provides names, addresses, telephone numbers and upon request receiving hours of doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists and dental clinics in the required region.

Arranging a visit of a doctor
“Personal Assistant” will arrange a visit of a doctor upon request, arranging arrival of an ambulance for the Client.
NB! Medical advise over the phone is not considered to be a diagnosis.

Legal representatives
"Personal assistant" will provide names, addresses, phone numbers, and upon request if possible the opening hours of lawyers or legal experts in the required region. These recommendations are based on professional assessment of the situation by "Personal assistant", knowledge of local conditions and availability of legal services in the region.

Emergency messaging
"Personal Assistant" will make every reasonable step to send and receive emergency messages between the client and his family members or other persons specified by the Client. In particular, Personal Assistant can notify the consulate of the country of client’s residence with his consent, in the event of the arrest, detention, prosecution, or if the client was victim of a crime, in case of situations that prevent a client from leaving the country and in other cases requiring intervention of consular officials.

Emergency translation and interpreter services
In case of emergency "Personal Assistant" provides translation services over the phone and can arrange translation services through the network of alarm centers.

The Personal Assistant will provide general rules of conduct.

  Live Voice interpretation service

Language interpretation services are supported by a network of 1977 qualified, tested and professionally trained interpreters available to be connected within seconds. We offer these services either from English or Russian in 90 languages, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. YOU CAN NOW GET LIVE VOICE INTERPRETATION, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME AND TO ANY LANGUAGE USING businesim .

businesim Language Interpretation Services are supported by a network of 1977 qualified, tested and professionally trained interpreters available to be connected within seconds. We offer these services in 90 languages, 24/7/365. This is a truly revolutionary service, which will benefit everyone from business executives looking to make that crucial deal, to the leisure traveler wanting to order that special meal! Language Interpretation Instructions

1. To access the businesim Language Interpretation service all you need to do is dial 00372991 (English) or +372991 (Russian)
2. After dialing you will receive a call back (like a regular businesim call)
3. A live operator will answer the call and ask you to say which language you need translation in
4. You will be directed to one of our qualified interpreters for your language of choice!

Information about the Interpreters:
All of our Interpreters are bilingual/bicultural professionals trained to perform complex tasks: listen to the speaker, analyze a message in its entirety, and then interpret the message into another language while preserving the characteristics of form and substance inherent in another culture.
- Interpreters are trained in customer specific terminology
- Every interpreter signs a confidentiality agreement
Is the businesim Language Interpretation service for you?

businesim Language Interpretation Service is perfect for:
- Multinational Corporations
- Government/Military
- Healthcare organizations
- Business Travelers
- Leisure travelers going to non-English speaking countries
- Parents sending children to foreign destinations

businesim Language Interpretation Rate information:
- No monthly fees
- No contract – you only pay when you use the service
- No minimum charges - you only pay for what you use
- Calls are connected to an Interpreter within seconds
- Calls are charges on a per/minute basis of outgoing call in the host country

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  Free call analysis

Once you have registered and logged in, you can view your detailed calls analysis online.

  Conference Calls

businesim Conference service

In the context of the service businesim client has an opportunity to organize the conference call by dialing the +372993 number. Simultaneous number of allowed participants including businesim user is limited to 10.

businesim user who organizes the conference pays for all the calls made within the conference call, where the rates are applied based on each call to each participant.

Detailed Description
1. businesim user (User A) initiates the call on the conference number +372993.

2. The greeting is being played.

3. User A is offered to press the star-key (*) to add a new user. If no action is taken within a 10 second period the system offers to push the star-key (*) again. If no action is taken within a 2 minute period the call is disconnected.

4. User A presses the star-key (*) and is offered to dial the number with the international code (ex. 0037257894563, or +37257894563 or 37257894563). It's possible to call any number (not only a businesim).

5. User A dials the number of User B1 in the international format; a call confirmation is being played. Then he’s being asked to press the star-key (*) to add the user B1 to conference or press the pound-key (#) to cancel the call and return to the conference.

6. Different options of the process:
In case the call to B1 was unsuccessful (wrong number or no answer),the hint is being played and user A is offered to redial the number. In case of successful dialing with user B1, user A can talk with B1.

Then user A has to press star-key (*) to add user B1 to conference or pound-key (#) to cancel the call and return to the conference.

7. Iteration of the cycle begins from the 3rd section.
While user A dials other users, users B are listening to the music while being on hold.
If 9 users B where added into conference, the user A receives the voice notification about gaining the maximum limit of dialed users, and then gets back to conference.

If user A ends the call then all related calls are also being finished.
If one or several of conference recipients (not a businesim conference initiator) drop the call then all other active calls remain on the line. Each time when a recipient dropped the line or finished the call, the system plays an extra notification to user A and offers to press the star-key (*) to add new user. Thereby the user A knows that one of the users was disconnected.

  Home Callback

We would like to introduce a new service called Home Callback (HCB).

What does it mean?
Home Callback allows customers use their businesim balance and make cheap outgoing calls worldwide while staying in their home countries. Calls are made via their local mobile phone and balance in subtracted from their businesim accounts.

How does it work?
User arrives back home with his businesim number, let's assume he lives in Germany. He forwards his businesim number (using unconditional forwarding service – Call Redirection) to his local mobile number +49xxxxxxxxxx. Our system picks that up and now we know that we need to forward all his calls to +49xxxxxxxxxx. In order to utilize HCB service user has to do the following:

1. Forward his businesim number to his local mobile number.
2. Using his local mobile phone he has to send a SMS message to Access Number +447700313131. Body of the message has to contain a phone number he wants to call (for example, it will be +39ххххххххххх).
3. SMS to +447700313131 is charged from your local mobile phone according to your mobile provider price list .
4. After sending an SMS message to +447700313131 he will receive a phone call on his mobile phone and be able to be connected to his calling party. Balance of the call will be deducted from his businesim balance.

This service has a separate rate structure. Please see the rate file here.

Additionally, we have upgraded our SmartCallback application so that it can handle Home Callback service. By installing SmartCallback app on your mobile phone (supports only Android phones) you will be able to call internationally while being at home and don't have to send an SMS. The App will do it for you, just set the unconditional forwarding and simply dial the number you want to call (please make sure that you have a sim card from your local mobile provide in your phone).

Direct link to an App:

When application is being enabled, all calls dialed in international way (eg. +49xxxxxxxxxx/ 0049xxxxxxxxxx numbers) are deducted from businesim balance. You can either disable function HCB on you phone, or add specific numbers (eg. Any country code without 00/+, or entire number 49xxxxxxxxxx) to the Black List of this App. Then, while calling to these "black" numbers, balance is charged from your local mobile number.

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