businesim customers are separated to two categories:  USD applicable customer and Non VAT applicable customer.


- If you are invoiced as VAT applicable customer please choose "USD APPLICABLE CUSTOMER" option.

- If you are invoiced as VAT non applicable customer please choose "VAT NON EURO APPLICABLE CUSTOMER" option.


Please choose bellow the correct category for you.





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  • Customers with USD invoicing.

  • Customers with EURO invoicing.
  • All companies (within or out of EU) are not subject to VAT invoicing.
  • All individuals out of EU are not subject to VAT invoicing.
  • On registration the companies are obliged to declare their VAT or VIES numbers for verification.
  • However, VAT for already issued invoices will not be returned back. The non VAT invoices will apply for future invoices only.

- There are three (3) registration steps.
- You will need to be registered in order to be able to log in to your account and have access to : your personal call data, invoiced amounts, purchase e-time, airtime, and other services.