Registration (Step 1)



businesim customers are separated to two categories:  USD applicable customer and Non VAT applicable customer.


- If you are invoiced as VAT applicable customer please choose "USD APPLICABLE CUSTOMER" option.

- If you are invoiced as VAT non applicable customer please choose "VAT NON EURO APPLICABLE CUSTOMER" option.


Please choose bellow the correct category for you.


  • Customers with USD invoicing.
  • Customers with EURO invoicing.
  • All companies (within or out of EU) are not subject to VAT invoicing.
  • All individuals out of EU are not subject to VAT invoicing.
  • On registration the companies are obliged to declare their VAT or VIES numbers for verification.
  • However, VAT for already issued invoices will not be returned back. The non VAT invoices will apply for future invoices only.



Important note:
  • You are requested to register a login name and login password which you will use in the future whenever you wish to enter to your account in order to check: the details of your calls, the invoiced amounts, purchase additional sim card(s), airtime, top up and other services.
  • Kindly keep the log in name and password in a secure place. Avoid registering , birth date, tel nos as password.
  • Before proceeding to the next step kindly activate your mobile phone with your businesim card in. During the registration process you will receive by sms to your mobile phone a special code which you will be requested to insert in the next step (step 3) of your registration.
  • At the 4rth step of your registration you will receive an email (on your declared email address at the registration). Once you receive this email you are requested to open the email message and click on the address mentioned, in order your account in the system to be activated and enable you to log in afterwards.